LDF Country Market Construction Getting Local News Coverage

Before the holiday season this past month WJFW published a story about the great progress made on our new retail center: From the story… After Lac du Flambeau tribal members broke ground on a new retail center this summer, the project has quickly come a long way. Construction is set to finish in June 2020,…

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Food Trends 2019: Produce

After last year, 2019 is looking like a very similar year for grocery store produce divisions. Companies selling fresh produce will have to face some of the same issues they faced last year, but if anyone is prepared for it again it’s the LDF Country Market. One of the things to watch is possible sales…

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Shop Quality vs Quantity: Local Markets vs Big Box in 2019

shop quality

As the general retail environment gets tougher and tougher across America, an interesting phenomenon has begun to take shape. A reversal from the conventional wisdom that dominated retail shopping and grocery strategy for over a decade. Bigger was better and smaller, quality local markets got swallowed up by giant superstores that offered everything under the…

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