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Our butcher, Chuck, knows more about beef than cows, and we are looking to share his knowledge with as many other people as possible. So we are starting an "Ask the Butcher" program. We have a portal below where you can ask any question you'd like and we will post the answers on our blog and our Facebook page.

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What if someone told you that you could have the service of an old-fashioned meat market with an unmatched variety of meat and seafood items? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Ojibwe Market's full-service meat and seafood department.

Whether you’re looking for fresh or smoked meats, fresh or frozen seafood, or the perfect bird for the holiday, we'll help you feed your family the high-quality meals they deserve.

We will happily provide you with the cuts you want with expert advice on preparation and quantities. With butchers onsite daily to grind and cut our meat fresh, you’ll take home favorites like Certified Angus Beef® – the top 8% of all beef – and 100% all-natural chicken from Gerber’s Amish Farms.