Shop Quality vs Quantity: Local Markets vs Big Box in 2019

As the general retail environment gets tougher and tougher across America, an interesting phenomenon has begun to take shape. A reversal from the conventional wisdom that dominated retail shopping and grocery strategy for over a decade. Bigger was better and smaller, quality local markets got swallowed up by giant superstores that offered everything under the sun and at a low, low cost. That model seemed perfect and the consumer responded positively.

However, 2019 is not 2005; customers are not the same people they were 15 years ago. Customers spend a considerable amount of time online vs in store shopping. With a focus on quality of foods and more niche health conscious foods being more desirable, smaller more local grocers are finding their place in the future landscape. Also as the overall retail environment changes, large floor space stores have higher overhead costs that drive many of the nation’s largest chains out of business.

The Lac Du Flambeau Country Market has a lot of fantastic, local offerings that you just cannot find at a big box store. While there may not be every sku and variant of colored pencils like at some of the big guys, we offer one of the best butchers shops in the State, a wide variety of produce bought from our own backyard.

Meat and seafood

You’ll find a variety of local products from farmers in surrounding areas including Peshtigo, Manitowish Waters, Wausau, Stevens Point, Merrill, Rhinelander and Bancroft. There isn’t a big box store in the country that can match that kind of local quality. Take a look at all the great things we have to offer, in our other departments; including some of the best value on tobacco in the area as well.


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