Grilling 101

No matter if you are using charcoal or a gas grill there are some basic steps to grilling that any weekend warrior needs to know. This may be fairly basic for some, but many out there probably don’t know all of these tricks to a perfect tailgate.

1. Make sure your grill stays clean

Don’t just scrape off the bare minimum of leftovers off the grill grates. The remaining grease can cause a lot of long term damage. Some of the simplest ways to clean it in no time are to use vinegar in a spray bottle, put a heat resistant bowl of water in a hot grill and let it steam, or even in a pinch pour a beer over the grates while still fairly warm as the alcohol will help to break down the grease into easily cleanable project. Either of these methods helps break down the grease and stuff to make it easy to wipe away with a metal bristle brush.

2. Get the best possible meat

We’ve talked a lot about meat selection in this blog before, as that will be one of the, if not the, most important things you will have to master to be a good griller. At our meat and seafood department we have the advantage of a fantastic and world-renowned butcher on our staff. Chuck has been featured many times on our blog and in the news. When in doubt, come see Chuck and he’ll help you out.

3. Properly cook the meat

It may sound easy enough but when you are first starting in the wonderful world of grilling it may be very difficult to tell if your food is cooked all the way through. If you are used to cooking in an oven you are used to cooking food from the inside out, where as grilling is outside in. It may look delicious and perfectly seared on the outside but your foot could be completely raw on the inside.

There are several ways to tell if your meat is cooked completely through by sight and touch, but those will take time to develop. For a simple grilling hack, use a meat thermometer and keep a handy chart like this one nearby to know for sure if your meat is properly cooked.

We hope these three quick tips have been helpful and you enjoy the rest of summer and grill with the best of them.