Pandemic Be Damned! Opportunity Reigns

lac du flambeau country market produce lead

Christy LaGrew sees opportunity in Lac du Flambeau. In fact, she saw opportunity here before joining the LDF Country Market team. “Before I started working here I thought the produce area looked really nice,” Christy says. “It’s full of color and I am sincerely impressed by the freshness of the produce section.” As the new…

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Fake News Alert! You Can Go Home Again!

LDF Country Market

Someone, somewhere said you can never go home again. Not true for Stephanie Lerdal. She first worked at the LDF Country Market as a teenager. She then moved away to Appleton and Oshkosh. After years of living and working off the reservation, she’s back in Lac du Flambeau as an LDF Country Market Operations Manager.…

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LDF Country Market’s George Carufel Shares Gratitude

LDF Country Market George Carufel

Over the last several months, I hope everyone has enjoyed reading about our teammates at the Country Market. Personally, I’ve enjoyed seeing the stories and recognition for their efforts to keep our community supplied while working to keep everyone as safe as possible. You can read their stories within this LDF Country Market Blog by…

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LDF Country Market groceries

Talk about timing! Agnes started working as a LDF Country Market cashier just as the coronavirus pandemic took hold of the world. “Yep! Trained and thrown into the fire,” is how Agnes describes her start at the store. Agnes exudes personality, and she’s quick to laugh. But she’s equally humble and all-too-willing to heap praise…

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Honoring Our Heroes: Carmen Potts

LDF Country Market’s Carmen Potts greatest wish for the LDF community? “To get our old lives back,” she says. Until the pandemic passes, however, she is doing all she can to get us there. “My greatest hope is people realize one life is as important as any other,” Carmen says. “If we all get together…

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Recipes: Honoring Wild Rice Harvest

In honor of the annual wild rice harvest, we offer some special recipes in this post. Wild rice is different from commercially available rice. The rice is a highly-textured, uneven-grain, medium-brown in color with a nutty aroma.

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After 20 years working at the LDF Country Market, you would think Jeff Williams had seen it all. And then came the global pandemic—a history making event we had not experienced for 100 years. “It’s stressful for everyone,” Jeff says. “Everyone wonders if they’re going to catch covid and how it will impact them and…

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