How to Choose the Best Meats for Grilling 

best meats for grill

In Wisconsin a typical BBQ or grilling session will have some variation of hamburger, sausage or maybe even a steak. While you can pretty much grill anything, we’ll discuss some of the best meats  to buy when you are planning your next big cookout / tailgate.

When looking at steak you’ll want to choose something that is going to have some nice fat marbled in with the meat and something that is relatively tender so it can hold up to direct flame heat. Some good examples of this would be Ribeye, Tenderloin (filet), Porterhouse, NY Strip or even a good T-Bone. You’ll want to stay away from tougher and thinner cuts of meat like a Hanger steak, Skirt steak or even a Flank steak. Also meats typically reserved for longer, slower cooking like a Brisket is something you’ll want to stay away from. There is a reason those things take 15 hours to cook in a smoker, 10 minutes on a grill could be a disaster.

Hamburger meat just comes down to quality of meat (no pink slime) and good fat content. Some kind of a blend around 80/20 (80% meat and 20% fat) is going to be the best place to start. Come visit our meat and seafood department and speak with our award winning butcher Chuck to find out about custom hamburger blends and get some good recommendations for what we have available now.

Sausages and hot dogs can be a tremendous add-on for any grilling experience and can even be the main attraction at a ball game. Many parts of Wisconsin have been built on bratwurst alone. Almost any kind of sausage or dog will be a great item to grill but we have a secret weapon in our butcher shop. Made-to-order sausage recipes are the foundation of our butchers’ legendary status in the meat universe. More than 50 recipe combinations for bratwurst, alone, and you begin to understand why our meat department gets requests to ship sausages nationwide. We even work with customers who want to create their own original sausage recipes, and a whole lot more. Pay us a visit or ask us questions online. We’re here to help.

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