LDF Country Market groceriesTalk about timing! Agnes started working as a LDF Country Market cashier just as the coronavirus pandemic took hold of the world.

“Yep! Trained and thrown into the fire,” is how Agnes describes her start at the store.

Agnes exudes personality, and she’s quick to laugh. But she’s equally humble and all-too-willing to heap praise on others who work alongside her during the pandemic.

“If anyone deserves a ‘hats-off,’ it’s our General Manager George Carufel,” Agnes says. “He’s been wonderful during this whole pandemic.”

History will remember the pandemic. But, Agnes says, there’s a story that needs to be remembered. That story is of the effort of many people who overcame threat of disease and stress to ensure the new store opened during the pandemic.

“A group of people pulled together to make something wonderful happen for the community,” Agnes says. The store was a long time coming. Many doubled up on shifts and ran circles to keep supplies flowing to our community.”

“It’s been very stressful, and I appreciate my co-workers,” Agnes says. “They went through a lot and all their support for me and others during the pandemic has made all the difference.”

“Store supervisors and George all deserve high-praise for their efforts to keeping shoppers and employees safe,” Agnes says. “What’s held me together is communicating with my supervisors.”

There were days I wanted to walk out, she says. Supervisors listened to her concerns and helped her to stick with it.

“I wanted to see the new store succeed,” Agnes says. “I’m glad I stuck with it, moving from the old store to the new store and then the pandemic was tough.”

She says she’s gotten comfortable with the safety measures of wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands and frequent cleaning.

“We have a beautiful new store and I want it to keep nice,” she says. “This new store is one good thing that came during the pandemic.”