Food Trends In 2019 Update: Produce

Food trends in 2019Earlier this year on our blog we examined some of the projected food trends in 2019 and the summer months. We wanted to take a look again at some of these and see if the projected trends held up. When it comes to produce in 2019 we examined the following:

Some of the biggest challenges others in our industry face is keeping fresh product. One of the moves that the bigger players and “big box” stores always made was to just overwhelm customers with quantity in lieu of quality. There is no shaking this face in the produce department. Buying produce at larger stores has always been a bit of a gamble (in some cases not all), but we did commit this year and again followed the creed of quality over quantity. This was a continuation of a long trend at the LDF Country Market and we see no slowing down in the future. 

As we did last year, keeping healthy and safe produce in our market is our top priority. The produce section here at the market is thriving. We will continue to buy local and fresh produce, which our customers enjoy. One of the food trends in 2019 we know for sure is that our customers will keep coming back and enjoy some of the highest quality in the area. Join our rewards program for the best opportunity to get quality food at a low cost