Shop the new LDF Country Market Today!

We recently launched some media spots describing all that our new facility has to offer. We had one from Ann Christ in our butcher’s shop and talked about the freshest meat produce and grocery in the area all being at LDF Country Market. With the addition of the smoke shop under the same roof it cannot be beat.

Listen here and hear about all the great new additions yourself from our two new radio ads:

Here’s one from Ann Christ in the butcher’s shop:

Here’s another one from Chris Fuller, an LDF Country Market Supervisor. He describes his experience working at the Market during the current times and how we offer great products in a safe environment

LDF Country Market has been providing full service grocery, deli, bakery, beer & liquor services; with the best butcher shop around to the Lac du Flambeau area for over 30 years.

Situated among the lakes and forests of Northern Wisconsin, LDF Country Market is a great visit while you’re in the area. From dozens of homemade brats to the coveted Racine Danish Kringle, we have what you need.

Families seeking the freshest meat, produce, bakery and groceries, find the new LDF Country Market store offers a spacious shopping experience with value, quality and selection a top priority.

While these media spots help you take a closer look around the new facility, the best way to do so is to come explore it yourself. When shoppers come and find the smoke shop, beer cave, deli, and liquor all under one roof, they love it. Shoppers get what they need, so they can get back to what they enjoy.Come join them at the new and improved LDF Country Market.