THANKSGIVINGAs our weather cools and our nights get longer, we enter into our next season. Maybe Mother Nature cools our weather to bring us closer together. We start to reflect on our year and appreciate each other a little more. Our hugs get longer and our handshakes become heartier.  We gather more often to celebrate our lives and heal our heartaches.  This year will be different. Something new will affect our get-togethers.

While Covid will be uninvited, Covid could show up just the same.  We will protect our families and ourselves. We will mask-up as needed, removing them so we can gobble until we wobble. We will hold smaller gatherings or maybe we will gather virtually. While it will be different, for a few moments, we will feel normal in an abnormal time.

While we celebrate family and loved ones, let us remember to be thankful for them being in our lives.  Let us also take time to thank others, like our Lac Du Flambeau Tribal Council for providing leadership during this challenging time, and the Incident Command team for coordinating safety protocols. Thank you to our Health Center team and First Responders for working endlessly to keep us healthy, our Family Resource Center for being here for our community as we try to deal with our mental health in general and specifically in dealing with Covid. Thank you to our Law Enforcement for keeping us safe and feeling secure. Thank you to our Aging and Outreach program, led by Sharon and her team, for taking care of our Elders. Thank you to our Youth Center, led by Jen and her team, for providing for our youth. Thank you to the Economic Support team, led by Gloria and team, for finding ways to help those of us in need. Thank you to the Domestic Abuse program, led by Andrea and team, for providing comfort.  Thank you to State of Emergency team Coordinator Stacy and her team. Thank you to our Creator for bringing us together.

While that is a lot to be thankful for, there are people we should not forget during this season. We have family, friends and community members who are struggling daily.  Some are struggling trying to find a place to stay or to keep their homes warm. Some are struggling with trying to feed themselves or put food on their family tables. Many are fighting to keep their family together. Many are battling mental illness and feel alone.  Let us be thankful they are here in our lives.  While we must social distance, share a plate safely with someone you know. Nod at them and share a greeting as you cross paths with them. Call them, message them, email them, and let them know we are in this together.

Thank you,