Coronavirus: Immune System Boosting Foods, Fact or Fiction?

With coverage of all the impacts the coronavirus is having around the world taking over the airwaves, we wanted to briefly talk about some of the responses we’ve seen to this illness. Specifically articles and blogs discussing immune system boosting foods and how this can help prevent or delay the impact of such viruses like COVID-19 (coronavirus) and even more common ones like the normal flu.

While the bulk of what has been shared can be tied back to some truth, there are some conclusions that are not entirely accurate, or at least miss state most conclusions of medical science. For example:

Drink Orange Juice to Cure the Flu

This can be classified as somewhat of an old wives tale, but it is one that relies on the principle that vitamin C is a super vitamin and can somehow prevent or cure almost anything. To be sure, vitamin C is an important part of the immune system but when a human being comes in contact with a virus or a bacteria and it is ingested or enters the body any other way. Glasses of OJ are not going to prevent this from getting you sick.

Immune System is Something that Can be Boosted

There have been numerous studies that in a lot of instances contradict each other, however there are usually some common traits and recommendations scientists make to try to give your body it’s best fighting chance against contracting a disease. The biggest one is washing your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. This really is your best defense against getting sick, foods and types of vitamins can sometimes help keep the bodies natural guard up, but if you are able to prevent the virus or bacteria from ever making into your body (the most common delivery method is your own hands to your face) you won’t even have to worry about foods.

Other than washing your hands recommended diets include various things to make you feel better, but a lot of that can mostly be in your head as time is really the only thing that can cure a virus. Your best bet is to see a doctor as soon as you are able and buy the foods and vitamins that make you feel good and your recovery time as easy as possible.

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