Welcome to Lac Du Flambeau, Campers

We welcome you to the beautiful Lac Du Flambeau Tribal Lands. June, more than any other month of the year we see the most tourists come up north and visit us. We have a robust camping community that loves to come and spend their nights under the sky and in the great outdoors.

We also have numerous people come join us and try their luck at the Lake of the Torches casino or enjoy our incredible entertainment options (this month is a Queen tribute band which is a fantastic time). Whatever the reason may be, we welcome you.

While you are here visiting us, you will most certainly need camping supplies. At the LDF Country Market, all month we are having specials and offer unique camping related items. Such as emergency kits, propane tanks, s’mores cookers/pudgie pie maker and more. Pretty much anything you could want besides the tent!

In addition to June’s unique blend of offerings we also consistently have the best butcher shop in the area and the most famous butcher for miles. Stop by our meat and seafood department and find out why. Grab some steaks, chicken, unique sausage blends as well as specialty meats not found in the big box chains or other typical grocery stores. Chuck the Butcher might even be able to blend some custom sausages for you while you stay with us.

At the Country Market we are a quality local grocer and we want to make sure that no matter what your reason for coming is, you remember it and come back again.

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