Tailgating Do’s and Dont’s

We’ve discussed Grilling Season before in our blog series, and some of the finer points in being a successful grill master. Now is the time to put all of that knowledge together and prepare for the beginning of football season, and with it comes tailgating.

Most of the summer people have grilled out and entertained friends and family at various holidays. Memorial day cookouts and Fourth of July feasts; all of this was preparation for the most serious grilling to be done.

Tailgating during football season is kind of like going to the “show” after being called up from the minor leagues. In Wisconsin we are lucky enough to have a hometown team that does game time tailgating like no other. Whether you are able to make it in person to a game or if you are just cooking vicariously at home, there are some simple things to checkoff your preparation list before firing up that grill.

1.) Get your meat from the best, and that can only mean Chuck the Butcher at LDF Country Market.
2.) Make sure you have the proper grill for the occasion; if you need help deciding what kind of grill to get.
3.) Properly clean the grill before and after use.
4.) Location, location, location; if you do go to a game in person get there early to get a good spot.
5.) Most importantly, enjoy your self with friends and family nearby. A successful grilling season always revolves around entertaining the closest people in your life and providing them with an experience they remember for a while.

Happy Tailgating!