LDF Community Comes Together For Elders

LDF Country Market George Carufel

Members of a joint effort between LDF Elder & Aging and LDF Country Market teammates to keep LDF Elders supplied during the pandemic. Pictured from left standing: Sharon Thompson, Chris Fuller, Serena Johnson, Driver, Joely Armstrong, Lorraine Wildcat, and Sedwick Armstrong. Seated: George Careful. Tribal Elders are respected and revered throughout the community. Protecting them…

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Honoring Our Heroes: Carmen Potts

LDF Country Market’s Carmen Potts greatest wish for the LDF community? “To get our old lives back,” she says. Until the pandemic passes, however, she is doing all she can to get us there. “My greatest hope is people realize one life is as important as any other,” Carmen says. “If we all get together…

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Recipes: Honoring Wild Rice Harvest

In honor of the annual wild rice harvest, we offer some special recipes in this post. Wild rice is different from commercially available rice. The rice is a highly-textured, uneven-grain, medium-brown in color with a nutty aroma.

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