Recipes for Kids Learning from Home

We’re all hoping, of course, that things can get back to normal as soon as possible. However, many school districts across the State have already decided, or are deciding, to have school in any variety of forms, from in-person, remote, or a hybrid mix of various educational scenarios this fall. We want to help you prepare for any scenario by providing some fun, family friendly recipes for kids (and even for mom or dad too).

Some of our favorites are:

puppy chow

Puppy Chow:

Also known as muddy buddies, puppy chow is a childhood dessert you probably forgot existed. Revive this sweet treat by mixing it up with your little ones. For the Puppy Chow recipe, click here.

Rice Cripsie Treats:

rice crispie treats

What kid doesn’t love marshmallows? Rice Krispie treats are a great way to get your kids’ hands nice and sticky. If you don’t have puffed rice cereal, you can swap it for any favorite nostalgic cereal. For the Rice Krispie Treats recipe, click here.

Zucchini Ravioli:


A healthy option for the family that tastes great and the kids won’t even miss the carbs crust. For the Zucchini Ravioli recipe click here.

All of these recipes are a great start and you can get fantastic ingredients for these dishes and more at the LDF Country Market. In the next few weeks, we’ll continue to share healthy and/or fun recipes for the kids to help them stay engaged and learning as much as possible during the pandemic and beyond