LDF Country Market Launches Enhanced Loyalty Club

As we discussed in a previous blog, the ability to shop at the Lac Du Flambeau Country Market is open to everyone, not just Tribal members/residents. We offer a fantastic assortment of meat, dairy, produce, smoke shop and even gasoline priced lower than nearby gas stations regularly. This blog is going to cover another great feature, our loyalty club.

We also offer access to one of the best deals programs in the world of quality local grocers. Our loyalty club has been around for several years but we have recently revamped it, and increased the rewards opportunity.

Loyalty ClubThere are two ways you can sign up for the loyalty club. Complete a short form while at the store itself. You’ll get your loyalty card right there on site with immediate access to rewards. Or, we now offer an online sign-up form. Fill it out and request the card be mailed to you within 48 hours or pick it up the next time you are in the store.

Once you have the loyalty club rewards card, you are able to start earning points on all of your purchases. For every dollar you spend you’ll receive 5 points on your loyalty club account. These points can be redeemed on every-day, in-store rewards or on special unique bonus rewards opportunities that will be emailed to you in advance of each offering.

We also send unique special pricing opportunities to loyalty club members only via email or text (depending on your preferences). These messages will link to special coupons that can only be accessed and used by loyalty club members in the store. Use them in the allotted time for a great way to take advantage of the program.

You’ll be hearing and seeing more about this program in our store going forward and we look forward to you joining. If you have any questions, check out some FAQs on, our site. We look forward to providing you with a special experience and grocery deals as a valued loyalty card carrying member of our locally owned and operated LDF Country Market.

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