Lac Du Flambeau Truly Caring For Community

Thanksgiving in Lac du Flambeau Wisconsin Vilas CountyToday as our sky is grey and Mother Earth is trying to cover us with a blanket of snow, our Lac Du Flambeau community really shines. LDF Country Market team members are preparing to deliver the first of hopefully many deliveries of donations of goods to the Economic Support Department.

While the struggle to feed and care for our families and communities is year round, on November 1 of this year, the LDF Country Market team placed donation baskets at our entryway doors. The goal, as always, is to care for our community. Anything donated through our Hunger Hurts campaign is greatly appreciated. I remember the day our team put the baskets out. The baskets were empty. Empty of non-perishable goods, but full of faith that our community cares.

Lac du Flambeau Giving ThanksI also remember coming to work two days later. As I made my way to my office, faith was rewarded, as there were a few items in one of the baskets. Later during the day, I had a community member knock on my office door. As we exchanged greetings, I noticed she had two bags of groceries. She then asked me were the donation baskets were. We
walked together to one of the donation baskets. As she placed the bags in the donation basket, I thanked her. She simply replied, “No thanks needed.”  It was heart-warming.

As was another day, when a mother finished checking out her purchases, her young daughter was trying to remain patient. Immediately, I thought of the torturous hour’s-long grocery shopping with my parents when I was that age. The girl held out her hand and mom reached into their bag and pulled out a canned good. The girl happily walked the canned good over to the donation basket and placed it inside. Then ran back and hugged her mom.

Just today, I received a call from a community member and they donated a large amount of money. They asked to remain anonymous and they will. They asked us to fill the donation baskets with what we thought was best. Your Country Market team happily shopped and filled the baskets. Our team did so with smiles, knowing all gave from their hearts.

We are delivering today, not only canned and boxed goods, but paper products and diapers. We are also delivering Love and Warm wishes from our community to our community. Happy Holidays. Miigwech!