Grocery Store of the Future

According to a recent article and others like it, there is a technology revolution coming to the grocery store experience that is supposed to be an advancement and something consumers will want in the future.

“Kroger Co. and Microsoft Corp. are joining forces to bring the ease of online shopping to brick-and-mortar grocery stores. Kroger, America’s biggest supermarket chain, has remodeled two stores to test out the new features, which include “digital shelves” that can show ads and change prices on the fly along with a network of sensors that keep track of products and help speed shoppers through the aisles. Kroger could eventually roll out the cloud-based system it developed with Microsoft in all of its 2,780 supermarkets.”

This thought process completely ignores some of the valuable experiences offered by local grocery stores that cannot be replaced by digital ads on shelves or just buying all your groceries online. The experience of going to the store and seeing the high-quality product for yourself. Of choosing your produce carefully to get the best taste, texture and quality at a reasonable price for your family can never be replaced by a computer screen or sensors.

This is equally true when it comes to your meat selection. We are incredibly proud of our meat and seafood department and our local legendary butcher, Chuck. You can’t replace his expertise and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who enjoys helping our shoppers as much as he does. If people want just another bland experience without any heart or soul in their grocer, then there are already plenty of big box stores they can try.

LDF Country Market offers something the big guys cannot offer: quality vs quantity. Those same principles carry through into the “grocery store of the future” discussion. Our future is very bright and we will still be here ready to deliver quality ingredients and product for you and your family. We believe interacting and caring for our shoppers is an important part of the overall shopping experience.

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