Grilling Season Coming to a Close?

There are two seasons in Wisconsin, winter and grilling. Winter seems to drag on forever and even makes an appearance in April, sometimes May. Winter makes everything cold and gloomy and sometimes we just wish that groundhog would never see his shadow again and deliver an early end to winter which leads to the best season of all, grilling season.

Grilling season brings us new toys just like on Christmas, and sometimes better. New smokers, rib racks, green eggs and more fill the imaginations of all as we wait for the time of year favored by the backyard warriors. The official start of grilling season every year is memorial day and the end is sometime during football season. With the Packers doing very well, at the time this post is written, grilling season is extending a little bit. The Packers early season record is a little bit like the groundhog, if it sees it’s shadow (or wins 6 of 7) we get a few more weeks of the season.

However there is one thing undeniable about an extended grilling season, it get’s cold outside. Sometimes it’s even too cold to really get much of a flame going in your grill. Some easy tips and tricks can help save the day. One of the best tricks is to essentially cook your meats before bringing them along. Cooking them just under where they’ll need to be and then throwing them on the grill for the final touch and a nice sear is a great way to keep the magic going long intno November. Without the pressure of having to cook the meat all the way through until a healthy temperature, having some pre-cooked brats or already nearly brisket is a great way to still get close to a final product as you would have in Summer.

So good luck to the Packers (or whomever you cheer for while grilling) to keep the magic going as long as possible, but when that inevitable day comes and you have to hang up your spatula and tongs until next year, we’ll be waiting for your too with the best meat selection in town.

We look forward to helping you this grilling season. Our friendly, knowledgeable meat department team is here to provide all you need to create a great meal experience for your family, friends and neighbors. Visit us soon and enjoy the rest of grill season 2019.