Grilling Season 2020: Delay of Game

There are two seasons in Wisconsin, winter and grilling season. Winter seems to drag on forever and even makes an appearance in April, sometimes May. Winter makes everything cold and gloomy and sometimes we just wish that groundhog would never see his shadow again and deliver an early end to winter which leads to the best season of all, grilling season.

Grilling season brings us new toys just like on Christmas, and sometimes better. New smokers, rib racks, green eggs and more fill the imaginations of all as we wait for the time of year favored by the backyard grill masters.

However as everyone is bunkered in for an undetermined amount of time we can still find ways to eat fantastic cuts of meat. As you venture out occasionally to re-supply, rest assured there is still only one place to go for the best meat in town. The Lac Du Flambeau Country Market – Meat and Seafood department.

Meat and seafoodThis is where you will meet Legendary Chuck the Butcher. Chuck is the perfect resource to help you plan the beginning, middle and end of grilling season 2020! We even have an “ask the butcher” request page on our site. Feel free to send a question and we’ll post the response on our Facebook page and if you provide us your direct contact information, we can even reply privately back to you (so your secret dry rub recipes aren’t spoiled).

We look forward to helping you this season no matter what it looks like. Our friendly, knowledgeable meat department team is here to provide all you need to create a great meal experience.