Food Trends 2019: Butcher Shop

Meat and seafood

Trends in meat and seafood are leading to greater shopper expectations. People are willing to pay for high-quality, great selection and peak freshness. But shoppers still like a deal. Being a local, community-focused market, we offer unmatched meat and seafood in our butcher shop, fueling station and smoke shop here in Lac Du Flambeau. LDF Country Market meets emerging shopper expectations in a variety of areas. Our meat and seafood are the area’s best. These are complemented by our equally excellent fresh bakery, produce and brand-name groceries. Not to mention the area’s lowest prices on gasoline, tobacco products and a recently upgraded loyalty club rewards program.

Product, quality and selection priced right. Easy access gets you in and out quickly. Sounds modern. But we wrap all of this into an old-fashioned market and butcher experience customers will get nowhere else. Our onsite butchers are the best in the business. If you don’t see the cut you want, our old-fashioned butchers will cut it the way you like it. They answer questions on cuts of meat, seafood, hand-made sausages to make your meal memorable.

From preparation to selecting the right seafood or cut of meat to recipes, our butchers love speaking with shoppers. They are famous for their willingness to craft a sausage spiced just right to meet customer specifications. In fact, our butchers have fans who live elsewhere in the United States during the winter. Our butcher shop is known to ship orders to their homes to get them through the winter.

Whether you’re looking for fresh or smoked meats, fresh or frozen seafood, or the perfect bird for the holiday we’ll help you feed your family the high quality meats they deserve. We will happily provide you the cuts you want with expert advice on preparation and quantities. With butchers onsite daily to grind and cut our meat fresh, you’ll take home favorites like Certified Angus Beef® – the top 8% of all beef – and 100% all natural chicken from Gerber’s Amish Farms.

Our Butcher Chuck (aka Chuck the Butcher) knows more about beef than most cows. Pay us a visit in Lac du Flambeau and we know our onsite, accessible butchers will help you find the perfect kind of meat for any occasion. You are truly part of the community here when you shop with us and we’ll stop at nothing to make sure the main course of your meals are the finest quality and availability in the area.

Other meat trends to watch in 2019:

  1. Unique cuts of meat besides just the standard are enjoying wider demand.
  2. Burgers. Burgers. Burgers. Fashionable and gourmet renditions require a quality beef base.
  3. Kabobs are becoming en vogue and something we can help you with.
  4. Grinding your own meat at home is going the way of craft beer making and homemade wine.
  5. More stuffed meats are what’s on the lips of meat aficionados.
  6. Smoking your own meat at home is one of the more delicious hobbies you can do.

No matter what you want to do with your product when you take it home to prepare it, you need the right piece of meat and our butcher shop has you covered. If you have questions, we welcome you to Ask Our Butcher Anything. We will share the answers on our website blog and social media pages so all can learn along with you.

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