Food For Good

During November and December, the LDF Country Market will have collection baskets for non-perishable food donations. The “Food for Good” campaign will benefit The Tribal Economic Support program.

BDC Director of Corporate Projects Melissa Doud and Country Market Supervisor Doug Finn kick off the “Food for Good” drive that will run through Dec.23 at LDF Country Market. Donations will go to the local food pantry before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Update For Thanksgiving: Here you’ll see the pictures from the Food for Good Delivery for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. At least 5 more needy families will receive a turkey along with some other items. The spirit of giving is certainly alive and well with this great promotion.

Donations of non-perishable food items to benefit the LDF Tribal Economic Support Program 

LAC du FLAMBEAU—OCTOBER 28, 2019—The LDF Country Market in Lac du Flambeau today announced its “Food for Good” campaign to combat hunger. This serves as a launch point to support people struggling to provide food for their families through the end of the year. LDF Country Market shoppers can place non-perishable food items into “Food for Good” bins found inside the store.

“One of our Seven Tribal Teachings says when people are weak that’s when they need our love the most,” LDF Country Market General Manager George Carufel says. “Support of our community with the ‘Food for Good’ initiative allows us to live our values by helping fill the bellies of the hungry.” 

“Food for Good” collection bins can be found at the LDF Country Market through year end, Carufel says, every donation helps. One can of beans or box of macaroni and cheese helps. Think of it this way, he says, if the “Food for Good” bins are empty it means a human is hungry. No one feels good when hungry.  

“Supporting our community by providing non-perishable food items to the Tribal Economic Support Program in November and December helps families throughout the holidays,” LDF Business Development Corporation COO Randy Soulier says. “The LDF Country Market is part of our business development mission to create jobs and revenue in the region. Supporting those who are hungry is a socially responsible action we can take to help the region as well. If you’re hungry you don’t feel like doing much, including working, and that creates a downward spiral into despair.” 

LDF BDC’s Soulier says he views “Food for Good” as a means to rally our team around a common purpose that builds bonds beyond business. 

“We have an overarching goal to create an environment where people ‘Love Where They Work,’” Soulier says. “We’re hopeful our efforts in November and December will help make the holidays a happier less stressful time for those who need our help and contribute to rewarding employment experiences for our teammates.”

Listen to our WRJO Radio Interview about this program

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