Follow Country Market on Facebook: But Why?

“Follow me on Facebook” is a phrase people say about their business constantly. There has been a bit of an over saturation at times of people demanding some kind of Facebook interaction from their customers. Usually it is for limited value to anyone other than the business and their goal of growing a number likes on their page. However, there is something to be said when a local business can create a community where ideas are shared and a conversation takes place between the local business and the actual community they operate in online.

This can be said about what happens on our Facebook page; we share recipes, tips from our butcher shop, blog posts like this or posts about the great people we have working for us. By far our most popular feature is the sharing of our daily deli deals. Whether it’s our hot breakfasts served on Sundays at our Grab ‘N Go station, BBQ Riblets on Saturday, and even some spicy fare on Tuesday’s chili pepper menu.

The deals and promotions we offer through our feed are indicative to the type of community interaction and value we try to provide in our everyday lives working for the LDF Country Market. Located on Lac Du Flambeau Tribal lands we understand community very well, and strive to offer that feeling by opening our Market to all people not just Tribal members.

Posting daily deals and other items to a Facebook page is nothing new, however using that opportunity to reach out to our community of followers we can get conversations started and grow that experience is invaluable and certainly worthy of a follow

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