Dairy Trends in Wisconsin for 2019

If you are from Wisconsin, you grew up in the milk and cheese state and we’re always proud of that fact. While other states had their own primary industry and things they were known for, we wear that cheesehead every Sunday and couldn’t be prouder. Over the last few years, there has been a campaign coming from the west coast claiming “happy cows come from California” as the state of California has begun trying to brand themselves as America’s Dairyland. With recent dairy trends in Wisconsin however, that isn’t happening soon.

Rest assured cheesehead nation, according to several dairy trends and measurements, cheese production in the United States is still dominated by the state of Wisconsin. We churned out over 3.4 billion pounds of cheese in 2017 and we continuously put out more than 2.5 billion pounds, which isn’t coming close to being topped. While we are the nation’s largest cheese producer, we are also one of the highest consumers of cheese due to all the great selection.

The Lac Du Flambeau Country Market has one of the best selections of dairy products in the area. With a focus on high-quality, local ingredients, you know that you are going to get the best. The LDF Country Market has been providing full service grocery, deli, bakery and butcher services to the Lac du Flambeau area for over 20 years. Situated among the lakes and forests of northern Wisconsin, LDF Country Market is a great visit while you’re in the area.

Outside of just cheese, we have thousands of dairy items all in one place. With a selection that includes milk, cheese, yogurt, bagels and English muffins and everything in between, LDF Country Market is sure to have what you’re looking for. Stop by today and let one of our helpful assistants find what you are looking for, for your cheesehead needs and beyond.

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