Celebrate National Independent Retailer Month

July is National Independent Retailer Month. As an independent grocer in Lac du Flambeau, our team of dedicated employees want to thank you for your support.

The impact of independent retailers is far more than—in our case—offering quality grocery, bakery, meat, produce, priced right. Here are a few fast facts to consider about independent retailers, according to several recent studies discussed on the Independent Retailer Month website:

  • A dollar spent at an independent retailer is usually spent many times in the community before heading out of town. Just $1 can create $5 to $14 of value in the immediate area.
  • Local retailers reinvest locally 130 percent more of their revenues than chain retailers and 676 percent more of their revenues than Amazon.
  • Local retailers generate 70 percent more local economic activity per square foot than big box retailers.

Online, big box and independent retailers all are viable parts of the community, but there’s something about shopping local and independent.

Our butcher, Chuck, for example, is a local celebrity for the quality and inspired approach he takes to all things meat. He has raving fans all over the country, who order meats, sausages, and seek his advice. He even has shipped custom meats across the Atlantic to a fan in Europe.

Think of your own main street stores. And you likely will recall some unique experiences and memories. Perhaps it’s the personal service, trust and relationships with those you also know as neighbors. Maybe it’s unique items you can find nowhere else, like our Native American jewelry.

Without question, independent retailers are part of the fabric of every community. We play a prominent role in our local economies remaining viable. And, for all of you who support independent retailers, we thank you for your business.

LDF Country Market Team
Lac du Flambeau

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