Bar-B-Que: Pairing Beer With Your Meal

When you cook out this summer and enjoy grilling season, you’re putting in time and effort to perfect various types of meat with other items like vegetables to perfectly complement each other. Looking at what kind of beer you have with your food is also another way to enhance the flavors of the meal and make the experience even more enjoyable for yourself and any guests you have.

Ordering a burger and then not getting a beer is like putting on a bathing suit and then staying inside all day — you’re missing a critical step. Depending on how complicated the burger is, you may want a simple beer like any Miller Product, all the way up to an IPA or a heavier stout, if your burger takes on more of a complicated profile.

If you are cooking chicken or fish or other more white meats, you can typically pick whatever kind of beer you might like the best since their tastes are a bit simpler and can go really well with about anything.

Beer Pairing

The image and guide from goes into a little more detail about the types of more crafty beers that you can pair with different types of food. Also there are even podcasts that go into a incredible detail about pairing the perfect beer/burger with beer, a great strategy if you have a large group of people coming.

When all else fails you can always ask our butcher when you pick up your meat order. We have lots of great selections of meats this summer, perfect for a BBQ of any size. Let us help you complete your meal with a great beer pairing.

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